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Body Work Therapies


With 21 years experience as a therapist and my professional training being rooted in Sports Therapy, the basis of all my massage treatments is Swedish Body Massage.


Swedish Body Massage A general relaxing massage for the back, neck and shoulders takes approximately 30 minutes. It is ideal for anyone without any specific physical complaints but who simply requires 'unravelling' or relief from tension. I charge £25 for this treatment.


Deep Tissue Massage is as it sounds, a much deeper massage which targets specific areas and muscle groups which may be causing discomfort. A varety of techiques may be used but this massage is therapeutic and not designed for relaxation. I charge £30 for Deep Tissue Massage.


Hot Stone Massage is a wonderfully relaxing treatment using a combination of heated stones and Swedish Body Massage therapy. This is ideal for anyone needing to totally relax and de-stress whilst receiving a therapeutically soothing massage. I charge £30 for Hot Stone Therapy.


Natural Face Lift Massage is excellent for rejuvenating tired facial muscles. Using no products other than a light facial oil, the muscle structures are stimulated to encourage tightening and toning. It is recommended that a course of 3 treatments are booked, attending one session a month for optimum results.  The course of 3 costs £75 but I offer a reduction in price when all 3 sessions are paid for at the time of booking. Please contact me for details of this offer.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is an especially light touch therapeutic massage for stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluid. It can be beneficial for anyone suffering with oedema or the appearance of cellulite and dimpling of the skin. Please allow an hour for the session. I charge £30 for Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage.







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