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  It is with great relief that as of November 9th 2020, the Government, the FHT and the Environmmental Services for Wakefield have now confirmed that as a Sports Massage and Remedial Massage Therapist, I may  finally return to practice.

 All treatments required for treating sports injuries and those conditions resulting in pain, (which are documented with the clients GP) may now be treated.


 Sadly, Holistic therapies are not yet permitted to resume.


 As an extra precaution for client safety, I will however, only be treating my existing clients, where their condition is known to me and has been documented on their treatment records which I already hold on file.

It may also be necessary to request a letter from the GP to support any treatment received during this pandemic.


 If you require any further information or wish to discuss my risk assessment policies regarding Covid safety and my HSE documentation, please do not hesitate to contact me.


                                        Stay safe and well and hopefully I will see you soon


                                                       With my blessings, love and light

                                                                    Amanda Jayne x