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Holistic Energy Therapies




Call: 07779426619


The journey towards Holistic well being begins with recognising the delicate balance of energies within ourselves. Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health are interlinked and all require nurturing. When we feel ill or unwell, this is because our life energy is out of balance. There are a variety of different complementary therapies which can help us to heal ourselves and achieve Holistic health.


I offer a variety of treatment packages from £20 - £50

Preventative health care becomes more important as we recognise the stresses of modern day living and its major impact on our well being.   Stress management, Anger management, Addiction issues, Relaxation and Meditation techniques, are all areas with which I can help you.


The massage therapies I offer include; Swedish Body massage, Hot Stone Therapeutic massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage, Deep Tissue massage, Indian Head massage, Pregnancy massage and Sports massage, these are all excellent treatments for easing out aching muscles and soothing troubled minds.


Reiki and Crystal Healing are vibrational energy therapies, which may help to revitalise and rebalance depleted energy stores within the body.


My treatments are of the highest standard and are always undertaken within the guidelines set down by the FHT, the professional organisation of which I have been a member and insured with since 2001.

Confidentiality is of course assured at all times.


Gift Vouchers are available for all treatments

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